Surrealism that explores and nutures the community of women.  Articulating Asian American and Chinese American  experiences.   
  Discovering  psychological interiors and female landscapes.

Paintings, Mixed Media, Installation and Curatorial
Current  Events
Chinatown Memory Shop, 2010-2012
mixed media installation by Cynthia Tom
SF Arts Commission artist for "Art in Store Fronts Program."  
An imaginary retail store front that collects and showcases memories and mementos of childhood in Chinatown.
950 Grant Ave. between Jackson and Washington.
The best part of Grant Avenue. Go see the exhibit and have a cup of tea at Ten Ren Tea across the street.
Cris Matos y Cynthia Tom collaboration 
poetry by Kristen Davis and Cris Matos
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Daily Lives - Discards& Variances  Cynthia Tom 2011
Current Works
May 5, 2011- May 27,2011
AAWAA and APICC co-presented
curated by Cynthia Tom
Circus Series: The Cloud Walkers, 20" x 16"
A PLACE OF HER OWN, Atelier. Mixed media, 12' wide, 8' length  x 10' high
The brick and mortar exhibition at SOMArts is gone now, but the images live on in our minds and on fllickr. It is amazing.
Cynthia Tom is the Curatorial Director of this long term project for AAWAA, Asian American Women Artists Association. 
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See the PhotosA PLACE OF HER OWN
Coalition of  Women in the Arts presents
Thursday, February 23, 5:30 PM–7:00 PM, Los Angeles Convention Center
Chairs: Kyra Belan, president, Coalition of Women in the Arts and Linda Inson Choy, independent curator.  Featured Artists: Kay Kang, Shizue Seigel and Cynthia Tom
Asian American artists Kay Kang, Shizue Seigel and Cynthia Tom candidly share their art practice.  Their inherently feminist voices are uniquely Asian American and yet universal. They ask:  What role do personal history, community and transnationalism in Asian American narratives? What collaborations between artists, curators, arts and humanities academia and arts institutions will take Asian American art to the broader audience?
Linda Inson Choy is an independent curator and art historian specializing in Asian American Women art and Contemporary Korean Women artists.
Cynthia Tom is a professional artist, a painter, mixed media installation artist, healer and curator. She is also a public relations and development consultant for arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. As president of Asian American Women Artists Association, she is most proud of A PLACE OF HER OWN, a multi-disciplinary arts and creative program that has been realized as 3 exhibitions and a pilot program with social worker participants.
Read recent SF Chronicle article in the Ovation section on Cynthia's latest endeavors.
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REMNANTS  at Chinese Historical Society 2012
   Los Gatos Museum of Art
    Cynthia's installation entitled:
  How to Earn Your Cloud
  12 Steps to Finding Your
  September, 2012 - December 2012
photo: Erik Verduzco
Alchemy of the Soul by Cris Matos and Cynthia Tom, poetry by Kristen Davis
SOMarts Cultural Center as part of the phenomenal Rene and Rio Yanez production- Imagining Time, Collecting Memories, Dia de los Muertos, multicultural style.  
through November 9th, 2013. Gone
A PLACE OF HER OWN is an arts based healing modality. This project asks attendees to answer the question." If you had a place of her own, what would it be?". 
It includes 6 workshops and an arts open house to showcase the work created during the discussions and art workshops.
PLACE is geared towards working with women to transorm their lives and provide a platform to define direction and aspirations.
PLACE has taken form as 3 arts exhibitions and one series of workshops geared to non-artist, social service providers as part of their own self-care.
If you want to stay connected to Cynthia about this project to heal women with ancestral trauma and women moving to leadership. - tell me of your interest.